Parking is available at several downtown lots and at any open street meter. Note that meters are enforced until 6:00 pm most business days. Meters covered with orange NO PARKING bags, blocked by orange cones or posted with NO PARKING signs are reserved for production use and unauthorized cars parked at these meters will be towed at the owner's expense.

Handicapped Parking: There is no designated handicapped parking for the Center. Please refer to the parking garage information below.

ADAMS AVENUE GARAGE: Note that this Garage will not be open or available for the foreseeable future.

SCRANTON PARKING AUTHORITY / ABM GARAGE: Entrances at; 311 NORTH WASHINGTON AVENUE,  418 MULBERRY ST, or 415 LINDEN ST. The Garage charges flat fee on evenings of events and hourly during the business day. Visit for Current Rates.