Kings of Disco Former Members of Village People

The Kings of Disco Former Members of Village People

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Friday, June 21, 2019 at 8:00pm

Reserved Seating | Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Theatre | $45.50 to $25.50

Add on Exclusive Post-Show Meet and Greet for $25.00, Limited to 100 tickets.


With songs like “Y.M.C.A.“, “In the Navy“, “Macho Man“ or “Go West“ from the late 1970s, the Village People became the most successful disco band of all time. 

When the two French producers Jaques Morali and Henri Belolo took a stroll through Greenwich Village in 1977, Felipe Rose suddenly danced past them wearing traditional Native American clothing. This was the moment the idea to found a band that embodied the typical American macho was born. Alex Briley, the group‘s only GI/soldier, was part of the band from day one. With “Can’t Stop the Music“, the semi-biographic film adaptation of the band‘s history, Ray Simpson joined the band in 1979. He took over the part as lead singer/policeman when the band co-starred next to film stars like Steve Guttenberg, Valerie Perrine and Bruce Jenner.  

It was not long before their international breakthrough and the Village People set entirely new nightlife standards. Not only their catchy tunes took the audience by storm, their stage performances with a stunning choreography and dazzling costumes have cult status today. With more than 65 million albums sold by the 1980s, fans have given props to their Village People and their worldwide reputation was carved in stone on the Walk of Fame in L.A. in 2008. 

After the death of the biker Glenn Hughes (1995), Eric Anzalone took over his part and in 2013 Bill Whitefield assumed the role of David Hodo as construction worker, while Jim Newman has been the cowboy ever since.

Up until today many fans love the Village People for their importance as a revolutionary act. With loud colors, ingenious songs and barnstorming shows they fought for sexual liberation, individuality, tolerance and personal rights. Singing and dancing with frenetic masculine power, the Native American, the soldier, policeman, biker, construction worker and the cowboy have been taking the hearts of all those who love to party without care and who like crossing boundaries. 

Those who set value on experiencing most of the original line-up of the band that has been rocking the world‘s stages over the past three decades is just right.

Welcome to the hottest parties ever! Welcome to the exclusive concert and get close to the guys. Most of all: Enjoy the fun when the dancing fever seizes you and everyone sings along to the biggest hits from the last decades until the vibe goes crazy. 

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